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Just to update and give feedback on my ACA 630, well pleased! With ACA Tune and Mapped 3.1 Rom (including patch for Shapeshifter) its a great boost over my old Apollo!

Bolted on the the Indivision ECS I can even run ShapeShifter in 1024x768 High GFX! Ok its only in black and white but it runs well

Very impressed with Doom and the Chunky whad'ya-call-it thru the IndiECS awesome stuff, as smooth as Doom was on my A1200 with 40mhz 030 thats for sure

Workbench (CWB ADV) in 8 Colours is running very quick indeed, and as you expect High Res Laced is awesome through the IndiECS.

Very pleased indeed, thanks again Jens/Oliver and the Team at Amigakit (and anyone else who was involved in this project)

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