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Look. I am trying to end this. If you would like it to continue, I can hold my own against anyone in any arguement. And I don't have to prove it.

I have tried to put this childishness to an end. If this is actually you, Godflesh, please go away with your diatribes and whining. If this is somebody else trying to emulate Godflesh, please stop it now because this place is not about bickering and bullshit - that is what we left AEN2k to get away from (among other things!)

It just seems as if 'Unregistered' is dragging things down here and if it continues, perhaps RCK should ban the IP address. To quote Rodney King, "...can't we all just talk Amiga?"

Now, Unregistered, please go argue wherever it is people like to argue. We have Amiga talk to get on with here.
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