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Little update.

Doing some more testing this morning, now setup ACATune and I must say this makes a huge improvment to Workbench, its much quicker and maybe quick enough now to enjoy a 16colour setup

Hopefully we can get a driver for the IndiECS to run a nice 800x600 Workbench.

ShapeShifter seems quicker as well, so I'll need to do some more testing. I've actually used the ReMap function in ACATune to load up a 3.1Rom image with ShapeShifter support from Tosec, does a great job so don't need PrepareEmul now as I thought this might conflict with the ACATune.

HDF access is still a little slow, I think this is the MicroDrive so plan to replace with a fast CF card.


Further Update!

I've found that colours seems to be the slowdown on the A600, I can run Black and White at right up to 1024x768 High GFX and its smooth.

Add 4/16 colours then its slow as hell even 320x240...

So we need a nice Chunky 256 Colour IndiECS Driver for ShapeShifter like Doom is using, possible?

Even 320x240 would be fine, 640x480 would rock :-)

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