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A dynamic list growth/prune guide system - That's an interesting idea.

To do this would fundamentally change the launcher to use a script/program to launch each game titile

Although REXX script could be used its a lot of work - instead I would just write a C program that is launched by the game-title button which will update the guides and then launch the game. This would be good for Hard-disk Based systems - but pretty useless for a CD32 environment. - So its possible, a little involved, but certainly possible.

I do like the idea of a dynamic list growth/prune guide system though, and I will probably move AG-Launch into using C program(s) to launch / update / edit everything - as a bonus it would reduce the size of the guides, reduce dependencies and overheads as well as offer other features.

Eventually perhaps for v2.0 it will run within its own AmigaGuide like construct - reducing the need/overhead to multiview etc.

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