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A little some thing from me for the amiga.

Tried these on emulator but if i want smooth scroll then music to quick anyway your software is probably set up better than mine all done on amiga 500 1.3 kick.

Make sure your emulator is running at the correct speed because if not the chip music will not come into it's full glory.

Also when you hit the left button to quit to chip music menu in d1 sometimes it will skip to next song and no go back ,ok on real amiga tho.

d1 code by me and chip music from varous artist.

d2 code by me no sound amiga with in an amiga demo kind of.

d3 code by me my first track loader i wrote > music by ape.

Nothing special but i thought at the time it was ok

All my learning came from the Hardware reference manual and a couple of other books.

Back then no net and all my friends was not into programing many late nights scraching my head but i really wanted to bash the hardware and did in the end

Hope you enjoy.

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