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Originally Posted by dabone View Post
Ok, I've installed my aca1230-28 and have a question.

I've got ACAtune 1.02b5 (is this the latest?), and I'm using the following command in my startup-sequence

A1200, v1.4d, 3.1 Roms

c:acatune -maprom * -cache on -burst on >NIL:

and when I do a acatune -status I get the following.

Maprom function: activated
$C00000 memory: disabled
Chip ram area: 2048kb
Chip ram cache: disabled
Zorro II Cache: disabled
Fast ram: activated
Chip ram speed: standard
Zorro II Speed: standard

How do I enable cache? What is the deal with chip ram speed?


Try caches and bursts

Dont forget the patch for kickstart.
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