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tjlazer, there are more than you who would have liked accelerators comparable to the ones Jens has sold already. But that would have ended the expansion at 68030, no further. Also, it would have been much more expensive - perhaps an 'ACA530' one with IDE/clockport would have been above 200 EUR!

It could have made people think twice about paying a higher sum, as I did with the ACA630. I of course bought one, but if there was an ACA530 at near or above 200 EUR, I'm not so sure. (Mainly because I have an A500-040, so might not apply to most A500 owners.)

I like the idea of the card as a 'launch platform' - more now than I did a few days ago..! Suddenly the A500 in your closet will be usable (CF card, internet/USB via Clockport, not super-slow in Workbench), which could mean that more A500s get used, and that's a huge win in my book (if you know me )

Not only that, but with the A1200 adapter it could support some, maybe even many, turbo cards above 68030. THAT is something I could spend hundreds of EUR on...

Certainly when this is released, people will (as with ACA630) buy clockport expansions and Indivisions with it, to get a "full solution". With new products.

Instead of hunting for 'the right side expansion', 'that rare ram card for A1000', and 'a good condition CRT' and all that, and not having to learn trickeries with cables, software, and kickstart versions to make the setup play nice.

Some people, like me, won't mind fiddling with those things, or will be happy with CRT and no internet, and still then with just the card they have made a usable Amiga spending not much money and not much time.

No, I think Jens on the right track here, especially if MapROM and 68000 fallback is included - since the 68000-based models before A600, like the A600 with ACA630 switched off, can then run the huge base of demos, and games. (If you know me, not leaving 68000 behind is another win in my book! )

14-MHz 68020 will be close to stock A1200 performance, reason for 14MHz is likely RAM speed vs. available 68020-stock MHz. IDE speed will still be excellent, I think, which also affects how fast an Amiga feels. I'm quite sure it will match or even surpass the fastest side expansions in feeling of harddisk speed.

If I have the facts straight, if you also get the Indivision ECS and use the extra modes, native resolutions' bitplane DMA wouldn't choke the Workbench graphics/GUI redraw speed - so it might even feel faster than a stock A1200 without Indivision in Workbench.
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