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Originally Posted by DonAmiga View Post
Hi Steve

Good to see you got your your new toy, sorry to read about your PPC hope you get that sorted. Back on topic I shall be interested to see what you can do with your new set-up and wanted to ask if your are running CWB Full ? if so how do you find it with the new ACA 630.


Hey Don!

Thanks for the kind words, I'm sure we'll get the PPC back up and running

I'm using CWB ADV on the A600, it runs very well in 8 colour, CWB Full would be very fast indeed.

I still need to setup the ACATune so expect to get some more performance yet.


Buffers did the trick, loads up in under 30 seconds now

However anything over 2 colours and its very slow to use, but I'll play with some settings and see what I can do!

Thanks again!

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