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Heya Steve,

Have you added more buffers to the drive you have the Mac hardfiles on? Type this:

AddBuffers DH1: 1000

Just change DH1: to whatever drive you're using of course.

As DDNI suggested, use the MuEVD video driver, it's the fastest you can get since you have a MMU. Get this and install it too -

Set your NTSC Overscan settings to 640x240, so when you select NTSC High Res Interlace the Indivision will output it as a perfect 640x480 resolution, and use this in Shapeshifter. This will be the best mode to use until Oliver or someone writes a driver for the Indivision ECS DirectGFX mode. 512x384 is okay too, since some Macs used this as their native resolution and some games were written for it, but you'll find most were written for 640x480.

If you want MacOS to boot up faster, it's best to skip the loading of all the Extensions, since most of these are just extra OS features and eye candy, you can play most games without them. As soon as you start Shapeshifter, hold down the right Shift key until you see the little Mac screen saying "Extensions Disabled". This should boot up a bit quicker.

Have you given your Mac 16MB RAM? This leaves PLENTY for AmigaOS and is ideal for the Mac, enough so there's no need for slow virtual memory.

Unfortunately you'll only be able to play Black & White or 16 colour games for now, but I guess you know that. I would be very interested in seeing all the 16 colour games you can find and get working though, I get a kick out of seeing stuff in 16 colours for some reason.

Oh yeah, and definitely use SFS or PFS, not FFS! It would even be faster coming from a FAT formatted SD or CF card than from a FFS partition!
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