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Update AG-Launch V0.5 Alpha

Hello there my fellow chummies,

I decided to spend a few moment with a coffee and some small tweaking to the AmigaGuide Game Launcher project

So here's some new -

As you can see there are two launch icon's available to the user - these are scripts run by IconX
(these can be run from CLI by using execute)

The Icon "AG-Launch" provides much the same functionality as v0.4 - however the icon "AG-Launch_NoMouse" auto initializes JoyMouse by Jonathon Potter - thus you can now just use the joystick to move the mouse pointer about =)

indeed... this should work great on the CD32 =D

Just a few thanks updated

So today I shall select Directory 'C'

Aha, yes, this is an enjoyable game

Ahhh hear the siren of the call

So that's just about it for the alpha series - next will be adding a favourite system and a directory scanner-updater.

You can install AG-Launch simply by copying the AG-Launch directory to your SYS: partition, from here click on the for more details.

to run from CLI you can use the following

If you have a mouse
execute sys:ag-launch/s/ag-launch
If you don't have a mouse
execute sys:ag-launch/s/ag-launch_nomouse

And that my friends should see you right =)

click here to download AG-Launcher version 0.6 alpha

Things left to do - v0.6
spelling and typo updates
button formatting
trouble shooting guide
credits guide
Things left to do - v0.7
Favourites program to great / edit Favourite guide

Things left to do - v0.8
Gameguide updater -
program updates guide entries on scanning games category

Things left to do - v0.9
Update Format to include Game info button.

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