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I figured out what the card would be a few days ago and apparently got it right When I discovered the thread on I got pleasantly surprised, because it seems to get two more features, 68000 fallback and possible support for more turbo cards than his ACA1230.

This is what I deduce as preliminary specs, Jens let me know if I read something wrong or specs have changed.

CPU: 14 MHz 68020 (not 68EC020)
RAM: 8MB non-SDRAM asynchronous fastram

- likely slightly under a synchronous-memory 14MHz 68020-card (conjecture by me from talk in the thread)
- chipram access speed 3,5 MB/s (no FastChip etc)

- IDE non-DMA interface supporting f.ex. 1 CF card + 1 CD-ROM. Max rate is 8 MB/s, though real-world performance will likely be quite a bit lower.
- Clockport

A1200 adapter:
- Allows 68000 fallback (whole accelerator with IDE and fastram switched off)
- Plug in A1200 turbo card here (kills 68000 fallback)

The idea for the adapter is to remove the 68020, plug in the adapter, and plug turbo card into it.

Known non-working turbo cards are Apollo 1240 and 1260 (due to their handling of 16-bit addressing). No warranty for ACA520+Turbo card "combos". (Except I presume for ACA520+ACA1230 combos.)

Side "HDD/RAM" expansions:
- "Throw them away. They are slower anyway." (abbreviated short-hand by me from Jens's posts). Known non-compatible ones are M-Tec and CBM A570/590.

A500: fits.
A1000: fits if floppydrive is removed.
A2000: fits if floppydrive bridge removed.
CDTV: Jens posted that DMA-compatibility would make the card 40 EUR more expensive and still slow, and won't fit under the cover [plate]

(no more models were mentioned that I can see. Edit: as in - addressed by Jens, with regards to actually fitting them inside, that is.)

- Germany: end of March 2011. (he will make Indivision AGA MK2 first)

- under 100 EUR

- no onboard ROM sockets
- MapROM possible - only if 32-bit ram possible which is awaiting testing and not known yet.


Edit: made a crappy mock-up guess / dream ...
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