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Little bit more info:

I tried the whole "spread the data over more disks" idea again and get a strange result. Able to boot into the game which is not surprising because disk 1 is the same anyway. I can then start a career with a team from a country up to and including Israel.

Wayhey, partial result!

Problems come though when trying to start a career from anyone in Italy onwards... which is annoying because two favourite teams are Juventus and Rangers (I'm an Italian/Scottish half breed, lol).

I've split the team files 000 to 069 on disk 2 and 070 to 085 & 248 on disk3. Now... I know that Scotland is 033 so... I don't understand. To make matters even more confusing, if I start a career as say, Chelsea or Ajax, I can browse the up-to-date Scottish teams!!

I'm obviously missing something here and it has me very confused.
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