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I thought I would have a play and have Joymouse - auto load on amigaguide startup

however the feature @ONOPEN requires a REXX command - not a worry...

however I must be doing somthing silly as the REXX script doesn't work

/* joymouse launcher */

SAY 'joy mouse launcher'
PUSH 'wbrun agl:progs/joymouse/joymouse 6"
it would seem the "push" command isn't working ...

I have tried "execute" and "run", I have tried setting a stack "PUSH 'stack 10000'" still nothing..

I can get it to work by either executing it in a standard S:Script with the base assigns, I can also get it to work simply by clicking it... but not by rx =(

Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
Was trying that. Don't know if it's my emulation environment, but I got graphics corruption in some games (f.ex. ChaosEngine) when using JoyMouse. After removing it everything went back to normal.

In that case you should rather use AMS.
I have just tested Chaos Engine (ecs and aga) and I couldn't see any graphical issues on the first two levels atleast.


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