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Okay, been a little busy today but I got some time to update everything (including the install)

the new pack can be downloaded here

it now has a centralized structure, with its own directory "AG-Launcher" with the following sub-directories

  • Contains: All the game guides - to -
  • Contains: WHDLoad 17.0 Beta and WBrun
  • Contains: ag-launch cli script
I spent a bit of time on this so that you can use the guide to install the needed files and assigns. - just by clicking buttons =D
Revised guide scripts to
All 27 guides have been updated

The system now uses two assigns

AGL: this should point to System:AG-Launcher
A-Games: this should point to the Root of your Games Folder i.e. Work:Games/

phew.... time for a cheese toasty me thinks =D


I am a little humbled my friend, I am just glad that it helps and is usable =D I am sure when I get round to it I shall add me to the credits.

to be fair, had it not of been for a lot of your input it would still be very very basic klugde. as of version 0.4 its actually a bit of software! \o/ yay!

If you think this is ready for inclusion into your Classic Workbench packs then please add away my friend.

I decided to use wbrun simply because kgiconload needs to change the directory to the game to run i.e. "cd a-games/projectx/" and then you could run "kgiconload projectx" - however Amgiaguide scripting doesn't like multiple system commands =(


Oohhh I like that... I can see that being a must for v0.5 =D

AutoIT script eh?


Originally Posted by Djay View Post
Awesome work! I need this!

Any chance it will have joystick support in future releases?
Not sure how to be honest - since amiga-guide is mouse driven....

Since I would like this running on CD32 I may just write a Joy-Mouse program, so when you shift the joystick it will move the mouse - left mouse will be with Fire Button 1 and right mouse would be Fire Button 2 - to be fair I may not bother with right mouse clicks

I will see if I can get this up for the Beta release (v1.0)

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