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As it seems all HD Versions of Death or Glory: Das Erbe von Morgan (The battle of Morgan) [German only] are not working correctly, since you can't finish the last Chapter / Level, it just crashes and you can't play the Addon "Der dunkle Kaiser" with it, since because you need to finish first and then you WOULD be able to play. The original disks (8 disks) I used on my old Amiga 1200 aren't working aswell. You can play without problems till last level and sometime within that level it randomly crashes, theres no way to pass this point. Everything is still there, but your heros are all "E'd" (Exhausted) and you can't do anything, your enemy should actually do something, since you ended the round, but nothing happens. Save / Load works, but doesn't solve the problem in any way.

If you want to finish Death or Glory some time, use the DOS Version, it's full of bugs, but atleast you're able to finish it.
Just some hints about the bugs: You can't heal everyone with Armitas, some Heros / Units just don't get HP back.
Mana-Related Items, except mana-restore, just work in the 1st round, then they lose their effect, but still give you - Attack and - Defense or - HP / per round.

Aswell as some units, like Dragons, cant fly even if they're supposed to (Im aiming to the manual which's saying that)
All this is working with the Amiga Version correctly.
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