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Cool, thanks for trying that glad it is playable on an 030....that means it would rock on an 040/060

It would be good if one of they guys with a new 56Mhz 030 could give this a try to see what the performance is like.

You should find the GUI is quicker with this version and that single screen updates (eg when the game doesn't scroll) is also quicker.

You should try setting the player callback to 16 (default is 50) to see if that makes any difference.

Originally Posted by koshman View Post
Ha, Discworld on Amiga, who would have thought that

Thanks, Novacoder.
Yep Discworld, Sam & Max, Full Throttle....all for AGA. I'll have loads of stuff to play when I get my new 56Mhz 030 SATA 1200 up and running

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