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I'd love to replace the GVP 030 combo in my 2000 (which sadly 'failed to proceed' after my last move). If all it had were the features on that card:

030 25mhz
Fast ram expansion
HD controller

I'd FIND the money to buy one and have it sent to the US, it would still be a huge step forward. New hardware lasts longer. Any ram solution would be better than trying to source those fiddly sims GVP chose to use, and the HD would more than likely be IDE - easier to find better, faster, more reliable drives.

It would just make more sense for me to throw him the dollars than cruise ebay looking for 20 year old parts.

Now, if he threw a clockport on it.. he'd find me cruising his website and hoarding my pocketmoney for more of his products... like his ethernet adapter.
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