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Originally Posted by Mozzerfan View Post
I'm successfully using Aweb 3.5.8 and Ibrowse. I wouldn't call it netsurfing though.
I'm just using it for downloading from aminet.
Edit: With aweb I turned off image loading because otherwise it crashes.
Thanks for answering! Yup, turning images off worked for aminet... and nowhere else! For pages as this forum, whdownload or Google I had also to turn javascript off. So now we know images and javascript plug-ins in Aweb demand (or so I guess) the presence of an inexistent (in this case) FPU and then everybody dies

And yeah! Posting this from the A600 (now we'll see if i figured out correctly how to set the italics and the laughin smiley in a plain text enviroment... eer, no I won't be doing this often )
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