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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Funny bit..
On my real Amiga in HDToolbox, the drive name shows as "Epson" something or other.
That's my printer with the CF slot that I used to connect it to WinUAE.
I'm pretty sure you can still edit those if it bothers you that much.

I thought I had my machine running great with SFS and ClassicWB installed, until I started unzipping some files through DOpus they all extract okay but then when closing the console it freezes and reboots to a guru.

I thought my mask/maxtransfer settings were rather safe values, do I need to increase buffers above 30 and is it likely to help? these are the values I have been using:

Mask: 0xfffffffe
Maxtransfer: 0x0001fe00
Buffers: 30

Any recommendations?

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