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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

what we can do is have two systems - one to use WBRUN and another to use Wbrun2 unless you think that there is a better program to call that all the CW's share?
In that thread you linked, KillerGorilla suggested using his kgiconload - it is included in all ClassicWB packs (C drawer) and even has a button added for it in Dopus - "IconLoad".

I suggest using kgiconload, to get around the fact WBRun comes in two versions - the one from Aminet in most ClassicWB packs, and the one which comes with OS3.9 forcing me to rename the Aminet WBRun to WBRun2. Another option is to include your own copy of WBRun or preferably kgiconload in the AGLaunch drawer, and execute all games using that. Then you don't have to care what the end user has in the C drawer.
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