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This is such a good launcher, that I feel you should make it a separate universal package that can be installed by everyone, "Zetro's AGLaunch" - not just tailored to fit into the ClassicWB. I am pleased you are happy to let me include this however - it will make the packs better for low mem users.

In the ClassicWB packs, AGLaunch would ideally be running from the "SYS:System/AGLaunch" drawer, as that's where I install items closley integrated with the system. iGame is in Programs, but that only runs from Workbench and isn't system integrated. AGLaunch would be tied into the multiboot menu. cover all bases (ClassicWB integration and stand alone package) this is what I'd suggest (and only suggest, you may have a better idea! )

AGLaunch as the title of the program drawer. All guides in this one drawer as you suggest, or the alphabetical guides contained within a separate drawer to the main guide file (this is neater if it's also to be a stand alone package, but choose which is easier for you to work on).

In the main AGLaunch drawer is an IconX .info file for the main AGLaunch guide, to launch AGLaunch directly from Workbench by double clicking to run a script and set all the relevant Assigns and environment variables.

Also in the AGLaunch drawer is a S drawer, containing an AGLaunch-Startup file. This is the file to be executed to run AGLaunch from a shell/boot environment. It can be user edited to their needs if they want change the games or program location by altering the assigns. People can then simply execute S:AGLaunch-Startup from shell or their own scripts (or simply call it AGLaunch and make it a script and place it in the C drawer - so it will be executed just by typing the command "AGLaunch" from a shell prompt).

The Assigns in the statup scripts. Not sure what is possible, but I see two options:

Single Assign - relative path calls

Assign set to A-Games: (or AGL:, I can always set AGL: to A-Games: myself).

Guide paths all relative. So you simply change the directory to the main guide location in the execution script and no assign is required. So for instance, if AGLaunch is in the "SYS:System/AGLaunch" drawer and the alphabetical guides in the "SYS:System/AGLaunch/AGLGuides" drawer, the script would contain the line

Assign AGL: A-Games: (user changable)
SYS:System/AGLaunch (user changable)

Then the alphabetical guides would either be in the same drawer, so no path change necessary for calling them, or you use the links "AGLguides/" to call them and "/" to recurse a path back to the main guide page. No absolute assign required. Is this possible in an Amiga guide file? Relative paths, links and calls seem to be how most guide files work.

Multiple Assign - this is if you are using absolute path calls

Assign AGL: A-Games:
Assign AGLaunch: SYS:System/AGLaunch (again, user changable)

Then all your guide calls would be using the AGLaunch: assign. So "AGLaunch:AGLguides/" and "" become the links.

Not sure if that makes sense at all! Just thinking out loud.

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