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I am truly humbled by your efforts my friend. I am pleased and honoured that this guide-based system works well enough to be considered a part of the GAAE pack!

Initially I just grabbed a brute force approach in developing the guides - hence why they were up so quickly - I would love to work with you more on this - since the premise of its design is to work with Classic Workbench 68k =)

so however you would like to integrate them - that will be the way it shall be done =D

I think the idea of a centralised guide system (in its own directory) is a smashing idea, since the paths are relative it doesn't' matter where the guides reside!

this would make the work in updating the guides much much easier!

I am thinking of changing the AGL: to be for the "SYS:/programs/AGL/" directory (where there will be 28 guides "agl-main + 0_9 - Z.guides" with the Game locations within the guides set to "A-Games:" this would integrate the guide system much closer to how CW works

I will revise the system to this method tonight - should only take about 20 mins =D

I used wbrun as this is what is installed on Classic Workbench 68k, I know that later CW's use Wbrun2 - originally I used macro's to develop the buttons - reducing the size of each file to under 6KBytes each - however a very strange problem occurred.

have a lookie here - from what I discovered- unless you are using CWOS39 + BB1&2 then MACRO's are not Parsed the same way - hence broken i.e

@MACRO Game "@{\"$1\" SYSTEM \"wbrun a-games:p/$1/$1\"}"

@{Game "ProjectX"}
The above works perfectly under CWOS3.9 + BB1&2 but under any other CW or regular WB it doesn't render the Button - hence the Macro is ignored.

This is because when you use the SYSTEM command the use of " \ " (Backslash) is literal and breaks the processing of. Without the " \ " the the MACRO fails anyway as it beleives the line is ended with the " " " (parentheses) - finding this out was a much source of annoyance.

I tried updating AmigaGuide / AmigaGuide.library / multiview & everything else I could think of - but it still wont process the indentifyer to the \" when a SYSTEM or even RX (AREXX) command is used.

In the end I decided to just write a C program on the PC that compiled guides for all the present categories of a-games:

what we can do is have two systems - one to use WBRUN and another to use Wbrun2 unless you think that there is a better program to call that all the CW's share?


I will update this tonight, to the method above with a simpler install method too.


My humble thanks for your support and feedback guys =D
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