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Hi there!

Just to let you know how things are going on with my ACA630: 100% stable behaviour after hours of ordinary workbench activity. A few WHDLoad games that run fine in my Blizzard-68030 accelerated A1200 are giving problems here, but that will probably not be ACA630 related at all. Just to name a few, Blues Brothers will unpredictably crash every now and then, and function keys are not responding in Escape From Colditz. Most games seem to be running nice... and fast, anyway!

Networking with Amigakit Easynet wireless kit seems to be fine too. My A600 pings OK with the other computers in the LAN and I even can mount a shared folder from my windows PC for fast and easy file transfering. I haven't succeded with web-browsing, though. Both versions of Aweb I've tried (latest 3.5.8 and 3.5.9) will mercilessly crash with a 8000000B guru, which sugests they're trying to do some FPU-requiring stuff even when they are not spposed to (that kind of problems with Aweb have been reported before).

Some of you are succesfully netsurfing with ACA630, so, can anyone confirm which browser will work in a KS3.1 + WB 3.1 Amiga 600 with ACA630 setup?


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