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Did some quick testing - works great, nice and simple, exactly as described.

Guess what - it works with Workbench 2.1 AmigaGuide too - even without classes, help and datatypes which came in with MultiView in WB3. So I can add it to the GAAE pack.

Do you intend on keeping the guides actually in the Games drawer? Or do you see having a separate drawer for AGLaunch? As long as the guide uses relative paths, then you shouldn't need to have the guides actually in the games directory (at the moment I see you use AGL: for the guide links). I'm not sure if this is possible, but I think it would be nice to have AGLaunch in its own drawer, with only an assign to AGL: used for games.

Also, noticed you are using WBRun. OS3.9 came with its own WBRun, but I included the one from the other ClassicWB packs in the form of WBRun2. Don't know if this causes issues. Have you tried KGIconload?

Even though this is an early release, it's perfectly usable as a launcher right now. It boots, uses little ram and launches every (or close to it) WHDLoad game already! I think my Gamelist Launcher (based on LazyBench) is redundant! It takes a lot longer to load and uses more ram.
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