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Originally Posted by duga View Post
<€100 / SEK1000 (same as ACA1230/28)

Clock port
Some Ethernet card/expansion port

Will the older A500 PSU with 2,5A@5V be enough?
^_^ +1

I will say that just the card with the 020 and RAM would easily be powered by a reasonable condition A500 Power Brick, - the use of a Hard-disk may end up with issues... by far better would be a CF socket tied to IDE? that way low power consumption CF cards / MicroDrives can be used.

Originally Posted by twiggy View Post
Out of mild curiosity, are there any plans for a CD32 accelerator? Is the CD32 similar enough to the A1200 for this to be simple?

But I guess the A500 is more popular n such.
I would love to see a simple Board adapter that allows you to convert the 182 pin MCA socket of the CD32 to a 150pin Edge connector for an A1200 accelerator card.

/Zetr0 has wistful dreams of a 256MB Blizzard 060@50 + SCSI in his CD32

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