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In this first version (proof of concept) I wrote a PC C++ program to create the AmigaGuide(s) - in its simple infancy it just read the directory names within each category an created a game launch button based on that (based on a proforma).

At the moment to change anthing or update it you need to do this either by hand or the PC program, but I plan to convert this to a an Amiga program that will do all this for you. I am looking at either using AREXX (which I have had a play with) or re-compiling the program on the Amiga - perhaps with a GadTools front end so that it can scan and create the games listed properly -

going into the GAME:category/gamedir/ folders and scanning for the .info - create an entry into an amiga guide that wbrun will then use etc.

So you would run this program on the Amiga it would then scan the games directories and then update the guides accordingly.

That's the plan at least lol!

I would like to have it so that when the user wants to add game/demo to their favourite menu, an AREXX script pops up asking for a Button Name and then a requester to the game directory - this in turn is then appended to the Favourites guide.
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