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I don't know you guys that well, but I noticed that you guys are really picking on Godflesh a lot
Maybe you are right to do so.
Some are picking at him and some are addressing relevant issues that are a part of the 'Amiga scene'.
I just wonna say that his FTP is running and it did have quite a few games on it that I was able to download at good speed.
But that is something that Godflesh did state that he didn't want discussed. Erm, he actually requested that it be censored, in so many words.
Nobody has a godgiven right to have Godfleshs FTP avaible....
That's as may be, but it's not the issue. He has been verbally attacked for heavily promoting the ftp and then it never manifesting. If I came on here and did the same thing, I would be attacked for it. I would expect it. I would accept it. Or come up with a good excuse. Or deal with it. After all, it's only opinions.

I have personally said my piece on this so many times, I feel like a broken record. It's really a boring topic. I stopped frequenting AEN2k's forums because that place no longer interested me. We have all had ample opportunities on here to get off our chests what we think of him and his web site, forums and ftp. How many more ways can it be said. Can we move on to something new?
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