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Originally Posted by p@rity View Post
With the 25 version though, if I push it all the way, a click sounds and the A600 doesn't boot (white screen, no disk activity). When I lift it slightly, the system works great and has worked for days.
As others wrote, AmigaKit will be glad to help. This really sounds like microcracks on 68000 solderjoints. Chris knows about this, and I have given him microscope pictures to point him to where you need to look.

Originally Posted by p@rity View Post
However, this morning it started generating a Watchdog error (caps lock blinking). After wiggling the accelerator a bit, the A600 started to boot normal again and runs solid without any errors for hours on end.
This has nothing to do with the CPU socket. Caps lock blinking means that the keyboard MPU has found a short in the matrix, so you should check the keyboard connection. It may not be all the way in, at an angle or otherwise not properly installed. These FDC connectors are totally flaky and very delicate. Be careful with that thing, and never pull out/insert with the upper plastic pushed down!

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