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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
Excellent work Zetro!!!! Impressive, 260K!!!

I can add this to the ClassicWB multiboot menus:

...and RAD: launcher, once it's ready if you like. It would be ideal for this, also in the main Workbench if you're low on RAM.
AWESOME!!! I was just about to message you about how to do this! LOL!

All one needs is a button that launches the amiga guide file "" in A-Games: directory

AGL uses an assign AGL: that should point to the root of the games folder - such like "sys:games/" or "A-Games:" and there rest is handled internally =)

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
I LOVE THIS IDEA. Cant wait to try it on one of my miggies.
Give it ago, and gimmie feedback - remember this is an epically alpha release so there might be some games that dont load due to filename issues - if you could make a list of any that dont that would be great as I can update the agl.guides =)

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