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New: AG-Launch WHLoad Launcher for 2MB Amiga (alpha release)

Hello my fellow EAB'ers =)

I recently posted this over on AmiBay, but I feel since I got a bit of help here - I should post the fruits of labour here too.

Over the last week in the snippets of time that I normally struggle to find, I create an application based in AmigaGuide for the lesser memory equipped Amiga machines. I tired of the game-listing programs that ate several megabytes to create a list of games that constantly has to scan, load and or use to much ram for itself. even with an 8MB FAST machine it can take a serious hit from using these other WHDLoad launchers.

I felt there was a better, quicker and more efficient way - and I call it AG-Launch, for the wont of a better name

AG-Launch provides you with an easy to use interface (amigaguide) and buttons to choose and load games - great eh?

(click image)

Want to know the best bit... it fits within 260kb and gives you access to all 2000+ WHDLoad game titles virtually instantly.

AG-Launch is designed around Classic Workbench 68k but will work with any Classic Workbench distro, also it should work with any Workbench with IGame. in the following example (on a 2MB ECS machine) AG-Launch is loaded from CLI to maximize available memory (although can be loaded in workbench) -

so here are some shots of it in action (click images to Zoom).

Booting with no start up: (hold both mouse buttons on boot)

Heres the CLI prompt

Executing the script

Da daa!!! here she is in all here version 0.1 alpha glory

So lets choose a category .... ermmm I think I will have a 'P'

There are many Games to choose from, say a 4 disk Project X?
AG-Launch saves RAM by only uses the memory for one category at time

Yay! load me some GAME! -
AG-Launcher uses WHDLoad 17 beta!

I would of taken an earlier screen shot,
but I was funking out to the music!

So if you have a memory limited 2MB Amiga then I suggest you give this little application a go.

download AG-Launch 0.7c

Installation is VERY easy and found in the READ me =)

Greets and Thanks:

KillerGorilla, the WHDLoad developers, Bloodwych, and the EAB/AmiBay forum chummies


This software is completely alpha and should not be released or used by any sane person, so, please enjoy =D


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