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I'm having a similar problem.

First off, I'm new to this Amiga emulator thing. That may be my first problem. I've downloaded various configuration files to allow me to load some of my old favorite games (Defender of the Crown, Barbarian, etc.). Some work, some don't, all look like they're lacking in video resolution and/or color. My biggest problem seems to be that I can't choose the display setting from the scroll down menu. Mine is greyed out and stuck on 800x600 8bit mode. Everything else on that tab is selectable.

I'm using the latest version of WinUAE - 0.8.22 R1 on an Athlon 2000+, NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti 4400 (Det 30.82), WinXP sp1 based system.

I've clicked the detect 16-bit pixel format button, but after it's config dance, nothing changes.

Any clue people?

One last question, let's say I get everything running smoothly with all the bells and whistles ringing...will my games look like they did on my old A500 system? clean and crisp. or am I hoping for too much?

P.S. I sure miss my Amiga 500. I hope the kid I sold it to years ago got some great use out of her.
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