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Hiive book order

I understand there are personal problems going on, i'm sorry to read about that and i wish Andrew and his wife all the best.

I read on 29th May 2010 about the personal stuff and Andrew did state in June 2010 "On the hiive books front, I'll try and get the refunds for generation zx sorted in the next two or three weeks". Generation ZX was the book i had on pre-order and i have never received an email/refund or any contact.

I have left a couple of messages on the Hiive website contact form along with my email address over the last 6-7 months and had no responses to either.

I own The first 3 books (Speccy, C64 and 8Bit) and i would simply like to know if the books are cancelled or not and if am due a refund or i just have to wait a bit longer.

I am happy to wait of course but a long time has now passed since i pre-ordered and i am really struggling to get any info back. Thanks to anyone from Hiive who can help me out.
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