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Because you recorded that using a webcam facing an LCD screen in distance for all we know that video is running at 5fps!!

Can you not connect the actual output of the Amiga (you have 3 output choices from RF to SCART )

The future is a fast IDE drive (7200 RPM) and an uncompressed player written for OCS/ECS chipset bandwidth though. There is no need to compress anything so this player you are all jacking off to is a waste of time. All this is possible if you bought and ICD internal IDE adaptor and stuck it in a 1985 A1000.

I disown this thread as it has become worthless now, using compressed video and talking of ARM equipped Minimigs is all bollox really.

The only existing software that would be interesting to use is Anim+SLA format but noooooooo nobody even bothered to reply to that thread.
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