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new old member

Got my retro fix going again

Had a A500 from uk launch and expanded it with the hard drive adapter...missed it when I sold it to pick up a A500+. which also got sold for an Apple Mac. (good thing is that got me an Apple mac engineer job). Bought an A1200, that also got sold but i picked up for free a newer A1200 and have modded that with a cf adaptor (its a dual slot device) and thats driving me mad trying to get both cards to appear. Anyway for now have a 4gb CF card with ClassicWB lite

Also have a CD32 with the fdu adapter thingie from analogic so it can be used as a a1200 CD

I was a member here a while back but seemed to get offline after a short while (i think the website got rebooted if I recall correctly). Anyway I have a bit of a retro bug going again partially kicked off by those new ACA boards. Desperate to get one but funds an issue right now.

I also have a 3d0 and sega I like reliving my past

I recall being able to get to the zone but I seem unable to get into it now

ClassicWB rocks... I seem to prefer lite to other versions due to it being more WB based. I loved Workbench 3/3.1 and even did a load of page layup on it (pafe setter? i think)....needed that 4mb a1200 card back in the day for that job

Memory leaks highly likely- remembered I had a a570, midi and vidi rgb connector. I think I finally sold most of that lot just 3 years ago

Doh!!! worked out what i did wrong re the Zone

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