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A 500 GVP 530 ide whdload cf problems

hello guys
in the old days I had a standard Amiga 500 Plus with extra RAM and disk drive, and perhaps should have been so also today I have read some forums but I do not know how I change the setup on my amiga, so I need step by step help if someone will put themselves into this mess I've made for myself. thanks
hold on, here it comes

The system is A500 Plus 2Mb chip GVP a530Turbo 8Mb ram
Kickstart 3.1 (40,063) WB 2.1 (38.36)
ide / scsi adapter R-IDSC E / R 0-9 jumpers 4567 is closed
4 GB Transcend Cf card
DH0 disk ok,total blocks 99790,bytes pr block 512,disk type FFS ,volum system,gvpscsi divice,surfaces 16,sector 63,reserved blocks 2,speed 1,083,239
DH1 total blocks 4173118,speed 1,083,239. DH2 total blocks 3556222,speed 1,084,733
SYSINFO 68030, 68882,(68030 not in use)
Ram 8mb fast 24 bit dma ,priority 10, shunks 89
chip ram 2 , 24 bit dma , priority -10 chunks 13
Hdtoolbox V2.20 (driver not installed) i cant find any hardware in hdtoolbox at all
WHDload . some games will work but most do not,
Here are some error messages I get

EXCEPTION "illegal instruction" s10 at s9A QUIT RESET MAKE COREDUMP

NMI AUTOVECTOR s7c at s9A6EEA resload s3CF2

Resload_loadkick invalid kikstrart image DEVS:kiskstarts/kick34005.a500


I've seen several that have some of the same problems, and some have adjusted the maximum transfer successfully. but I do not know where or how to do this
the machine booted fine and working, what is the problem is that many games do not work in the WHDLoad (radload)
and hdtoolbox is empty
dose the rest seems okey ?
what can I do?
I'm a super amateur.
thanks a lot for help to get oil imperium and lotus 3 and more to run.
PS cf card purchased on the evilbay
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