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I've played and beaten the Genesis Golden Axe BITD many times. I've never played the Amiga one, so I can't comment on the game play. But from what I've read here, the sequence of buttons used to pull off moves doesn't sound natural. Getting 'used' to such controls is irrelevant, as it's just a result of conditioning - of an old/inadequate control scheme for this type of game. Does the Amiga joystick support 1 or 2 buttons? If it's 1 button, that would be horrid. 2 buttons doesn't sound so bad at all (cause you can use a keyboard key for lesser used magic system/action)

So I compared two complete play throughs:
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

I say the Amiga one overall has a weaker palette choice. The redundant use of colors 'looks' more apparent on the Amiga. That's the biggest things that sticks out. It has more 'pillow' type shading. Overall, it looks more flat compared to the Genesis version. Which in comparison, doesn't give that level of feeling of either attribute/effect. There's some details here and there that's a little better on the Amiga, but the same also true to the Genesis port. And where the Genesis port has more detail, it's in a more relevant manner (not just some edge tile transistions). I'd say overall, the Genesis port has better detail, even if appearing 'tiled' at times.

Sadly, I don't own an Amiga anymore - to try out this game on the real hardware. So I'll just have to load up emulation and give the gameplay a try out.

As for the colour palette, I've noticed that a lot of Arcade conversions over-saturate the colours on home ports. I hate that.
Are you basing this on emulators like mame? They don't apply the gamma correction of the specific arcade systems (it also applies getting an arcade PCB without the original corresponding monitor) in emulation. They'll often appear faded and such. This is a known issue the MAME team knows about, but no one has RE'd the true/corrected values from the original setups and applied them AFAIK.

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