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I got an Indivision ECS today, firstly must say its an awesome bit of kit.

Works great on my JVC LCD TV, nice and clear. No vertical lines like I get from the PicassoIV in Native modes so thats great and no flicker as expected in High Res Laced.

Sadly it don't fit with the Apollo 620, so thats given me the kick up the backside I need to get myself an ACA630. Which I'll order next week when the pay check comes in

But I have just been reading over at Amibay that the Indi ECS/A603 and ACA630 don't fit together without some modifacation or at least a riser socket for the Indi ECS.

@Fol is there any news on the solution you were working on for fitting the IndiECS and keeping the Floppy Drive?

Or are you able to supply with the ACA630 the riser socket I need to use the IndiECS?

Its a shame these three items don't all just fit

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