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I think it will probably be the game is looking for a file and not finding it - I've now just cleared 150 games which work and will soon be coming to an end of adding new games and begin testing on a real cd32 - the disk will not be more than 180 games as it seems a good round number and the more games added the longer the toolkit takes to generate the cd - excluding the point and click adventure games which I will look at this weekend and others are helping with I am still having problems with the following games:

Atic Atac - version of spectrum game - doesn't load
Poker mania - card game Program failed (error #80000003)
Super Foul Egg - puzzle game Program failed (error #80000003)
Pucman Worlds - pacman clone - doesn't load
Santa and Rudolph - festive fun jetman type of game - doesn't load - problem locating fonts
Return to Earth- Elite clone - - doesn't load
18th Hole - Golf - - doesn't load

Out of the above I am keen to get Poker mania / Super Foul Egg and Santa and Rudolph to work and whilst I would be disappointed to give up on the others I don't think it would impact too much on the playing experinece of the collection.

All these games are available on one of the four Assassins Cds but it would be nice to have them all on one cd - can anyone help - I can send the files I am using to individuals if that makes it easier - or if you have them installed successfully on your hard drive and can send me those files that would be most useful.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ant512 - now have Experiment and Epsilon 9 and Lord of Alcandria II and III working.!!!

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