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Or you could find someone localy to help you out? if/when you get the card back you could always send it to me and ill install the card for you, should be cheaper then sending it out of Norway.

Originally Posted by MrDBUG View Post
I was pretty careful I thought ... but something must have happened along the installation struggle ... I KNEW I shouldnt have "tried this at home" :-(

Idiotproof, nope QED :-S

And it is / was the 28 mhz thank heavens .. Right now I just wish I hadnt attempted it.

Something must have been odd with my A1200 CPU connector.

Wonder if I ship it back to Jens now maybe he can reuse the 030 ? Or replace the connector ?

I wish I had let AmigaKit put it in the miggy, If Ive somehow managed to destroy this poor ACAs INSIDE connector, postage to the uk would have been cheaper :-(
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