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I was pretty careful I thought ... but something must have happened along the installation struggle ... I KNEW I shouldnt have "tried this at home" :-(

Idiotproof, nope QED :-S

And it is / was the 28 mhz thank heavens .. Right now I just wish I hadnt attempted it.

Something must have been odd with my A1200 CPU connector.

Wonder if I ship it back to Jens now maybe he can reuse the 030 ? Or replace the connector ?

I wish I had let AmigaKit put it in the miggy, If Ive somehow managed to destroy this poor ACAs INSIDE connector, postage to the uk would have been cheaper :-(

Someone higher up please give us a CloneA or eqvivalent prebuilt, NOW, no assembly required !!!!! :-D

Now for some pizza ... >

Atleast my new PCMCIA network card seems to work :-)
That lil detail keeps me from bawling :-( Only sad I just have 2 meg ram on that computer instead of the royal amount of 66 ....

Thankfully I have two other A1200s as a comfort .. One unexpanded refurbed from A'kit, that also was supposed to get an aca,
and one NOS from A'kit with an e-matrix 16 meg card ..
Its not like 64 meg would be, but since my old amigadays (88-ca92) was spent with 1 meg A500 , only 16+2 is pretty good..

I just wanted this ACA in my workhorse 1200 as an "insurance in numbers" against Amiga deprivation,
or from "sudden hardware death - due to old age", that unmentionable beast that seems like its always lurking in the shadows,
to strike us vintage computar'ians unexpectedly, like the spanish inquisition ......

Now pizza ! NOT TOAST thank you ! :-P

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