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Originally Posted by Amigafanboi View Post
Plug it back in your PC and use winuae to install ClassicWb
Yes I will be sure to give that a try.

BTW I have been doing some research and I think I know why I was having trouble with HDtoolbox and this error:

Unit is not a disk (type 7)
Apparently most compact flash cards are factory set to operate as an "optical memory device" (type 7), there is supposed to be a program Sandisk released to change it to a "direct access device" (type 0) which I think should allow HDtoolbox to detect it as a fixed disk hard drive.

Then again I need another CF card anyway for PCMCIA transfer use so I might just pick up a Transcend CF card for the main HD, these are said to work automatically as either.

Here is a good source of information if anybody is interested:

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