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So anything goes in here? *rubs hands*

OK, I'll stop rubbing hands. Suffice to say that the case design is pretty neat (I'm assuming this is not a 3D program+10 cups of coffee dream but a product design), that anyone can put a mini-ITX in some Amiga wedge they have spare, and that not all would like to spend time doing that. There be two reasons, either because they'd like someone else to do it, or because they wouldn't like a non-Amiga in a case that says Amiga. I'm with the last bunch

Minimig in a spare Amiga case is still not for me, but I can possibly see that people who already have one would like to build the PCB into something, may it be a wedge, keyboard, broken A1000, or one of those tiny CRT TVs, replacing the DVD.

I think more fans would be persuaded to buy case-replacements molded in modern style, to put their real Amigas in. For example with a proper keyboard (C64), or with some extra space and slots for CF/SD/Indivision/you name it.

As for Apple computers, they're all right in my opinion. Lower spec, higher priced PCs with a neat and functional OS. But there are two kinds of functionality - on a Windows or Linux PC you can dev and run any program, on Mac it's different for both the user and the dev, overstating it you're beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
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