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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
I was thinking (outside the box so bare with me) that if you made a custom 1.3 Rom with the SCSI.Device the you could do away with the Rom switch because in theory then you'd have by default 1.3 Rom for your floppy games with the ACA630 disabled but with the ACA630 enabled + ACATune you could remap 3.1 rom into FastRAM.

Would this idea work or am I missing something?

At least when I get an ACA630 I'd like to try this...

Not to discourage you, other aspects with ACA630 switched off, such as 1+ MB chip and no fast or fake fast will be just as bad for 100% compatibility as the Kickstart version. Non-1 MB games will boot from disk fine, with a few exceptions like reading DF0 head position directly from kick 1.2 ROM

You know I'm all about the kick 1.2/1.3 A500 512k/512k platform, but I can't really see a solution here (for 100% compatibility). And I know from trying many, many demos even after just upgrading my Amigas to >1.3 kick or fastram that you can't switch off (either via real switch or compatible with misc bootblocks and commands), that it's hard to reach this goal.

Real kickswitch and hardware switchable fastmem or fake fast is still closest. If you plan to run as many programs for my favorite platform as possible _from harddisk_, Kick 3.1, any kind of fastram, and an 'take all fastmem' command for the really early demos comes pretty close. Some A1000 demos, early cracktros and Mr. Gurk/Celebrandil demos will still fail but many games will work.

Kick 1.3 or 3.1 (but nothing in between) will take you pretty far.

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