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Originally Posted by Amigafanboi View Post
It shouldn't matter, Hdtools should see it regardless of what filesystem is on there.
Yeah that's what I though.

Originally Posted by Amigafanboi View Post
Don;t use it with that 170mb's incorrect and may damage the drive.
I wouldn't have thought it mattered as CF don't have any heads or cyclinders?

Anyway, I've managed to get two partitions... when I clicked read drive information and it gave that "Unit is not a disk (type 7)" error it still updated all the cyclinders etc even though the partition size showed as -270MB I went along with it and it seems to have worked okay.

Thanks for your assistance.

I've got two 1912MB partitions is that right or should it be bang on 4GB with a CF?

Also do I need to change anything in the advanced drive options, I've heard MaxTransfer needs to be changed to 0x1fe00 but is there anything else?

Thanks again.

I got a "not enough room" message when it came to the Workbench Fonts disk, there's nearly 2GB free?

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