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After beeing lost for a week in the limbo of Spanish mail service due to christmas heavy mailing traffic (sigh...) the little Aca630 beast has safely arrived home today!

It just worked right out of the box. There have just been a handful of random crashing in a few hours which I still don't know if I should worry about, then again I haven't even started to mess with Acatune. I just copied the version included in the floppy (hey! that was nice!) but I think the one linked in this thread is the latest, right?

As expected, setting the No Disk jumper (as default) killed PCMCIA. Workbench would show my external CF card there, but couldn't access its contents properly. No trouble for me, as I pretend to keep my floppy drive in place and have no plans for an ECS Indivision... now. If I change my mind in the future the solution with the floppy conector jumpers seems easy enough, so unless someone strongly encourages me to do so for a good reason, I'm not returning it for a fix. I just hope the info in this post will be available in a easier to find place in the future, just in case...

Apologizing in advance for our annoying, persistent, unstoppable "too much heat" paranoia... . As shown in the photo, my internal CF is in direct touch with the heatsink. Is that safe in the long term?

Now I have a lot of things to try and install and enjoy and test and have fun with . Thanks a lot to Individual Computers, AmigaKit, and everyone involved!

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