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Update on the xbox from working on it over the weekend.

I had a brainwave about the coinops roms my roms folder was all odd because I realised that my usenet client had been a bit overaggressive at unpacking the files Id downloaded. It reconstructed the multi-part RAR and unpacked it (fine) but then it scanned those files for RAR/ZIP and unpacked them all. Doh! So all the zipped ROM files got unpacked, and it had deleted the originals too.

There was no way back from this so I re-downloaded Coinops again (all 4.5gb), but it was well worth it. All the files copied over the xbox no problem, and its now working 100%.

I was quite excited playing it last night I can really see what the appeal is of the xbox for this stuff now. Running 2D games, the scrolling is silky smooth, even on my LCD TV. Its a lot like Amiga hardware scrolling on a CRT very nice.

I'm now happy with Coinops Ignite and the xbox too
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