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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
m68k-amiga ata.device is now done. (should it be called "scsi.device"?)

I separated pc hardware specific code and amiga specific code (ata_pc and
ata_amiga), ata.device maintainer can merge this back to rom/devs/ata.device
if interested (I don't mind if Amiga version breaks, I just don't want to
break "PC" version or cause accidental data corruption.. IDE is too weird, too
easy to break)

A600 and A1200 Gayle interface and A4000 Gayle-like interface supported.
(A1200 real Amiga tested only)

Main changes:
- hardware specific parts separated
- some CF cards (maybe others?) seem to return 1 as multiple transfer size.
Only set values listed in ATA spec (2,4,8,16,32,64,128)
- added ATAF_DRDY wait after execute diagnostics ATAF_BUSY wait, above CF card
seem to hang if new command is sent after execute diagnostics but before DRDY
is set.
- #ifdef DMA support and other stuff that Amiga port does not need.
- do not initialize device driver if no drives detected. (quick'n'ugly test
- do not start ATAPI media check task if no ATAPI devices detected.
- and something I forgot..

WinUAE note: that you need 2.3.1 beta 11 (release later today) or newer
because execute diagnostics was not emulated. (I don't emulate commands that
appear to be unused, not even m68k linux or netbsd used it)

and the very next day

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
AROS ROM loader is finally working on my A1200 (Blizzard 1260 + SCSI kit +
SCSI-IDE + 8G CF card)
Blizzard 1260 Fast RAM and 1230scsi.device also seem to work properly, even
boot partition mounts (PFS3ds) and autoboots (but second partition does not
mount, which is SFS formatted. Don't ask.)

Display is painfully slow and flickers, I guess native chipset driver
optimization is needed sooner or later..

Loader and instructions how to build relocatable rom image will be released
later. I am also going to do A3000 tests first. (It must work before public

Only requirement is 1M or more MEMF_LOCAL fast RAM (RAM that does not
disappear during reset) or 2M chip RAM (in this case upper 1M will be used by
MMU is not used or needed (I don't want to touch anything MMU related)

Everything is handled by loaded AROS "ROM", including autoconfig. Debugging
this thing took ages when you only have serial output..
I think I'll have to include HRTMon debugger with ROM loader
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