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Well, I was running my ACA1230/28 for well over an hour today (I know, not to much, but still) with no problems so far. In and out of several whdload games without problems.

I even tried adding kickstart 3.1 with maprom (As I'm running WB 3.0, it was just a "will it work" test) and it worked (when I typed my location correctly, it won't work when you lie to it as to where the file is.. ;-) ).

Interesting thing, I noticed that my sysinfo MIPS changed using kick3.1. I don't remember the value before, but I recognized it changed a bit. I'll have to try it again with 3.0 and 3.1 and see if it's just that or something else I did...

All in all, very satisfied so far...

Next step is to try to get my 3COM PCMCIA card working and see about getting it on the net.

That and grinding down the edge on the slot cover to be able to put it back on..

Also, I ordered a 4G CF card to finally replace my IDE drive. I've had a few IDE/CF adapters for a while, but haven't gotten around to getting a CF card, so I finally bit that bullet.

Thanx again IC and Amigakit...

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