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As thus, I don't appear to have it, either. As promised, I uploaded all of my CoCo stuff (well, not the system roms and emulators...just ask, but I figure that stuff is common.)

Anyhow, I didn't see that title in there. There's some disk images with no names on them, so you can check those. There's a lot of stuff to play with, though. The first two archives I posted were zipped, which ended up displaying the full contents on the Zone page, so I re-arc'd them to RAR so the page would not be filled up with CoCo game listings!

OK, now I have a link for y'all. It's gonna take a while to read; I hate it for anyone not reading this thread because they'll miss out on this link! Squid actually is more talkative than I! But he's very clever and very smart. This first link is from one of his many articles archived on his site. He talks Amiga, PC, Mac, Unix, and CoCo. A very educational read. And it's underscored by its age, since the article was written in January 1997, so in five years time a lot of things have changed. But his concepts aren't outdated and quite deserve revisiting! Don't just browse over this, really read it:

How to Shop for an OS Division.

Even though you'll be spent afterwards, be sure to bookmark the front page:

Squid's Amiga Page and Rumor Mill 3.05

Jam-packed with more Amiga talk than you can shake a stick at. I've not read it all, but what I have read is intelligent and fair accountings of most things Amiga (and it's surrounding alternatives!)
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