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Originally Posted by MrDBUG View Post
Just installed the ACA1230/28 - but looks like ive run into problems right away..
I just get one click from the floppy disk drive and then a black screen, then nothing :-(
No action at all on the SSD either.
Depending on when that click from the floppy drive comes, it may already be a good sign. Is i right when you flick the switch, or a second later? Do you see the screen flicker once?

Originally Posted by MrDBUG View Post
A1200 KS 3.0 , jumper set, no acatune installed yet, (I thought I could do that on first boot, was that very wrong ??)
You're absolutely right - the computer can be run without ACAtune. However, KS3.0 does not wait really long for the harddisk, so this may already be your problem. If you have an alternative harddrive/SSD, it's worth a try.

Originally Posted by MrDBUG View Post
Got the card out again and apparently the machine is healthy again..
Wish I had realized before going ahead I was too newbie to get this working.
Don't give up so easily. As desiv wrote, try re-installing it, but don't push it all the way in. As you can read in the manual, the CPU conenctor of your A1200 may have collected dirt over the years, and from what I read, it seems like your A1200 has not seen any expansion in there before. You may have to open the computer and clean the connector from both sides with a pencil eraser if re-installing and moving back and forth does not help.

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